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Our services are targeted toward upper tier manufacturing businesses and shipping clients. We offer a wide variety of solutions from loans and capital to investment and trading services for a select group of clients. Featured clients include Metne Global Logistics, FabMech Int’l, and ...


It is the goal of Big Company to be the world leader in financial services to the manufacturing and shipping sectors. Our principals include renowned leaders in multinational finance as Dr. Ken Kennings, Sir Paul Pilbur, and Amer Zedit, former CFO of MetNet Financial Holdings. Our...


All of our clients can expect only the best, most timely advice from our account managers. Our eye is on world finance every single day of the year. We make the financial news that networks like BBC, CNN, and others report on every day. Customer profitability is the main indicator of...

Making things better

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We recognize our role in helping our customers create a better tomorrow for the world. Environmental impact evaluations are included with all our services.